Frizzlife Reverse Osmosis System PD400 Review

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Clean, pure, and healthy water is an integral part of human life. In fact, research shows that your body can survive for 2 weeks without food but not more than a week without water.

But do you know that water that runs through your tap might not be as clean as it appears?

It may contain harmful contaminants like chemicals and microorganisms that can harm your health. Therefore, the only way to guarantee the safety of your water is by investing in a water filtration system.

And no water filtration system beats a reverse osmosis system.

In this post, we give an in-depth review of the Frizzlife PD400, a tankless under sink RO system that offers superior water filtration performance.

In a hurry? Check out the key features of the Frizzlife PD400 for an informed buying decision.

Key features at a glance

  • Tankless compact design
  • Filters water in 5 stages
  • Daily output of 400 gallons
  • Super low drain ratio at 1.5:1
  • Filter life monitor and TDS  meter
  • Convenient installation and filter replacement
  • Measures 19.6 x 19.4 x 8.1 inches
  • Weighs 23.72 pounds
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Full Review

Frizzlife Reverse Osmosis System PD400
  • Design

The Frizzlife PD400 is a tankless under sink RO system with an innovative, modern, and compelling design. It’s white and beautifully crafted to meet your daily water needs.

The integrated compact system is contained in a sleek housing, much better than conventional models that come with pressurized storage tanks.

And since it doesn’t have a storage tank, the PD400 takes only a fraction of your under-sink space. It also requires very little maintenance.

  • Lead-free faucet

The system comes with a lead-free faucet with a beautiful design. The faucet is easy to install for individuals with basic DIY skills, especially if there’s already an existing hole in the sink/surface.

  • Water Flow Rate

Unlike most traditional models that’ll keep you waiting, the Frizzlife PD400 won’t. It has a fast water flow rate of 400 gallons per day. In fact, the system produces instant pure water and fills a cup within 12 seconds.

The system also features a remarkable low drain ratio of 1.5:1. Only a gallon goes down the drain for every 1.5 gallons of pure water. Quite efficient, right?

It saves up to 450% of water when compared to traditional models.

  • Top Tier Filtration Performance

Adopting a composite pre-filter and a reverse osmosis membrane with high filtration precision at 0.0001 microns, the PD400 induces a 5-stage filtration mechanism that eliminates 1000+ contaminants.

In stage 1, a pleated compounded sediment and ACF filter blocks debris and removes particles such as silt, sand, rust, and other impurities.

It also conditions your water and prolongs the life of the reverse osmosis membrane.

In stage 2, a high-grade 0.0001-micron RO membrane (ASR212-400G) eliminates 99.99% of 1000+ contaminants, including lead, fluoride, chlorine, chloramines, VOCs, and heavy metals.

  • Filter life and TDS meter

The PD400 comes with color-coded indicators that notify you when it’s time to change the filters. The blue color indicates that the filter is at its best and working effectively, while red means that you need to change the filter as soon as possible.

This unit also comes with a TDS meter. TDS is the measurement of all particles present in your water. It is a general indication of how pure your water is.

A good water filtration system lowers the TDS in water from thousands to single digits. With an integrated meter, you’ll always know how effective the system is at getting rid of contaminants.

If the filters are due for changing, you’ll get notified by the system, and the TDS readings might increase as the filters become less effective.

  • Multi-Usage

The quality of purified water from the PD400 surpasses that of bottled water. It is perfect for making tea and coffee, cooking, and other daily uses.

The system can simultaneously serve your sink and refrigerator using an ice maker kit.

  • Installation

Just like any other under-sink RO system, the PD400 requires a hole in the sink or countertop for the faucet. If the sink already has the hole in place, the installation process is a breeze.

If not, you might be forced to get professional help if you don’t have excellent DIY skills.

Besides that, the system is very easy to set up. With basic DIY skills and available tools, you can complete the set up within an hour.

  • Maintenance

With Conventional reverse osmosis systems, you have to shut off the water, drain the system and remove the filter cartridge with a special wrench to change the filters. Quite a hassle, right?

The PD400 presents the filters right in the front of the unit. You just need to remove the faceplate, twist the old filters out and then twist in the replacement.

And as aforementioned, a smart life indicator lets you know when a filter is due for replacement. The composite pre-filter requires replacement every 12 months and RO membrane every 2 years.

  • Product Summary

The Frizzlife PD400 is a 5-stage tankless RO system that eliminates 99.99% of 1000+ contaminants from water. It has a fast flow rate of 400 gallons per day and a super low drain ratio of 1.5:1(pure: drain).

It has an internal pump that assures fast and stable water filtration, can simultaneously serve the sink and the fridge, has a filter life indicator and TDS meter, and is easy to install, use and maintain.

Pros and Cons


  • Less wastage of water
  • It comes with a lead-free faucet
  • Easy to install and requires minimal maintenance
  • Has long-lasting filters
  • It can be connected to a fridge
  • Offers superior filtration performance


  • No remineralization